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Embrace the constant transitions of expat life

As expats, and adult Third Culture Kids, we are spread out all over the globe, with many having parents in one country, children in another, our workplace in a third, and, often, family members holding different national passports.

The ability to maintain a high level of mental fitness opens up space to reduce feelings of being overwhelmed, to create positivity, and to master the transitions through roles, cultures, and locales.

Honour your values
Live your life purpose


I have lived on three continents as a research scientist, management consultant, and an international development professional.

I coach leaders—mostly expats and adult Third Culture Kids—to master clarity in the midst of uncertainty due to transitions through roles, cultures, and locales, anchored by a strong sense of purpose and belonging.

Lina Lo's name in Chinese characters.
Just Be Newsletter

Rethink clarity in the midst of uncertainty


My newsletter Just Be with Lina on LinkedIn explores how being rather than doing can support us through uncertainty, living on the periphery as expats.

"Lina helped me understand my values and how the next step in my career is less about the title and it's more about the happiness and motivation it's going to provide me, and how it aligns with my key  strengths (super powers) and my core values"

Anonymous, MOO

"Lina helped me understand why I am struggling and how to approach future uncomfortable situations and what I can do to make other people aware of my different cultural background"

Anonymous, Ultraleap

"Lina helped me re-center, focus on the positive, find tools from my immediate surrounding as visual representations of how I feel and how I can choose to feel. She helped me remember my purpose with kindness. The methodologies she used were very efficient. Thank you Lina!"

Anonymous, Perlego

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